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Located in the southwest Yukon the 10,000 square mile Outfitting Area number 13, consists of rolling and mountainous terrain with elevations up to 7,500 feet. There is a lot of open country and it is generally dry and muskeg free making for a noticeable lack of bugs and for good horseback riding or hiking.

There are four different mountain ranges and two different plateaus; the Ruby Range, the Sifton Range, the Nisling Range, the Dawson range, the Kluane Plateau and the Klondike Plateau.

There are a few rivers including the Yukon River, the Nisling River and the Aishihik River as well a multitude of lakes (one lake is 60 miles long) and streams. Combine this with alpine meadows and mountain basins and we have an ideal setting for hunting, fishing and photography.

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