What to Bring

Due to flying and packing limitations your gear weight should be kept to a maximum of 60 pounds. 

If the weight of your gear exceeds 60 pounds, there may be an extra flying charge.

A couple of small light stuff sacks or duffle bags to split up your gear  

Warm hat and light and heavy gloves

Good quality, comfortable hiking boots

Camp shoes

Rain jacket with hood and rain pants (natural or earth colors)

Light weight down jacket and vest

1 heavy wool shirt plus cotton shirts

Jeans or light weight wool pants

Short and long underwear

Several pairs of light and heavy socks

Personal items; shaving kit, towel, sunscreen, lip salve, bug dope

Good quality warm sleeping bag

Day pack


Rifle and ammunition, soft case or rifle sleeve

Flashlight and knife

Water bottle, camera, lighters

Optional gear may include:  a spotting scope, range finder, sleeping pad, ground sheet, and rifle scabbard and rifle bipod.

September hunts should also include:  heavy wool pants and insulated winter boots.

Rifle cases, suit cases or duffel bags with frames or wheels and any extra gear must be left in town at the hotel storage room.